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8 Great Care Tips for Damaged Hair

Hair dryers, straightening irons, dyes and the hot summer sun are all the culprits that cause damaged hair. And when hair gets burnt, the hair cuticle breaks and its natural protein is lost. Hair becomes dehydrated and loses its lustre and elasticity, resulting in frizz (we all hate that) and split ends.

So, is this your hair right now? Don’t worry, we have eight great tips on how to restore and care for damaged hair.

1. Cut about three inches

Grab a pair of scissors and cut! Well, not you, of course, head down to your hairdresser! When the tips of your hair are mistreated, it spreads the damage throughout each strand.  This happens because the cuticle is wide open at the ends and splits the strand until all the healthy protein is gone. The recommended length to remove is three inches so that your hair strands will begin to regenerate.

2. Replenish the keratin

When hair is damaged, especially with heat-related damage, it loses an essential protein called keratin, and this must be replaced to repair the hair. Keratin is responsible for your hair looking shiny, healthy and gives it bounce.  Not to fret, keratin can be replenished by using formulated conditioners, hair repair treatments, cream baths, regenerating ampules, and other professional products that concentrate on hair care.  Just look for ‘keratin’ on the label.

3. Put the iron down

The iron—curling or straightening—it is public enemy number one of damaged hair care. If not used correctly, or if overused, curling- or straightening irons can burn your hair and leave it damaged for life.  To prevent irreparable damaged hair, know the key mistakes we make when straightening or curling hair and verse yourself in caring for hair before using irons.  DO NOT use an iron on wet hair, always maintain a medium temperature and apply a hair protector for heat, and do not straighten your hair every week.

4. Get your hat out

The sun is just as harmful as the iron. UV rays penetrate the cuticle and burn. Avoid this by knowing how to care for your hair during summer. It’s simple, really, always apply a styling cream with sunscreen.  And hats are your friends.

5. Moisturise

Apply moisturising masks for damaged hair. Masks help moisturise the hair strand and restore the water lost for heat. Apply a mask two times a week, leave on for 20 minutes and rinse with cold water.

6. Don’t wash your hair every day

Use specialised hair care for damaged hair. Using formulated shampoo and conditioner for damaged and burnt hair will help regenerate hair strands.  DO NOT wash your hair every day.  Washing dries out hair if made into a daily routine as hair care products contain chemicals such as sodium and sulphate.

7. Don’t dye damaged hair

Avoid dying damaged hair. The chemicals in hair dye only enhance your hair damage and will leave your hair porous and brittle. Aim to regain your natural colour while you renew your hair or use organic colouring products like henna.

8. Botox Rocks

Intensive moisturising is always highly effective for repairing damaged hair. It doesn’t affect the wave of the hair, but moisturises many of the strands to the core.  Hair Botox offers intense hydration with results that can be noticed in the same of application.

Patience is a virtue when it comes to caring for burnt hair.  It requires attention and effort, but ultimately it’s possible to renew your hair if you follow these tips.  First thing’s first, schedule that haircut!

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