Hair Survival Guide for the Festive Season

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Hair Survival Guide for the Festive Season

With Christmas fast approaching we can look forward to a month of late nights, delicious food and one too many glasses of fizz!

To quote Andy Williams, ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’ – however our hair can often look a little worse for wear by the second week of December!

Martin Crean at MODE has compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you look your best this festive season, from November appointments to the day of your office party! So, with that said it’s time to get that sparkly number down from the attic, dust off your dancing shoes and have a little pamper!


1 Month Before

As with everything, preparation is key! To keep your hair in optimum condition during festivities Martin Crean at MODE recommends a ‘preparatory appointment’ in November.

Whether it’s a colour top-up or a conditioning treatment, the team will use this time to discuss any hair problems you are facing to ensure they are sorted by December!


Why not use the festive season as an opportunity to freshen up your look and try something a little different. If you can’t try something new at Christmas, when can you?! Whether this is a new cut, shape or colour you’ll be in the safest of hands with Martin Crean at MODE!


Wanting to look your best for the office Christmas party? A blow-dry is the perfect way to enhance your hair’s colour and shine – just make sure to use heat-protection!


Investing in the right products will be the make-or-break of your hair’s condition over Christmas. Although hairsprays and dry-shampoos are a god-send during December, they can wreak havoc for any hair type.

Martin Crean at MODE’s top survival products include:

  • A quality hydrating shampoo; make sure you choose one that won’t weigh down your hair! You won’t necessarily need one for over processed hair – its best to ask in salon.
  • A weekly masque; in-between the partying Martin Crean at MODE recommends treating your hair to a conditioning masque. If you’re after a quick fix use a spray treatment to give an instant boost.
  • If straightening or curling your hair ALWAYS use a heat protector! Apply with your finger tips from the mid-length of your hair through to the ends after you’ve applied your styling products.


Christmas is the ultimate excuse to accessorize! Hair ribbons and clips are brilliant ways to add a little sparkle to an up-do – especially if you’re on your third night out of the weekend!

General Wellbeing

December is the month of indulgence – that’s why we love it! However if you are serious about keeping your hair in top condition, try to squeeze as many nutrients into your diet as possible over the festive period. A healthy body equates to a healthy head of hair, so maybe add a couple of extra sprouts to your dinner plate this year!

January Appointments 

By January your hair will be screaming out for some love – so make sure you have your first appointment of the year booked in with Martin Crean at MODE! Our highly-trained team will use their skills and expertise to undo any damage caused by the festive season, ensuring you look your best for 2018!


The team at Martin Crean at MODE we would like to wish our clients a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year!

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