Keeping your hair healthy after Summer

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Keeping your hair healthy after Summer

Keeping your hair healthy after Summer

We all know how harmful the Summer months can be to our skin, but what about our hair?

A combination of sun, sea, chlorine and sand can wreak havoc to even the healthiest of hair, drying it out and reducing its colour and shine. Now that Autumn is around the corner it’s time to reverse the damage that these last few months have caused – our guide to keeping your hair healthy after summer.

When spending time exposed to UV rays, the hair’s capillary fibres become dehydrated. For dry hair especially, moisturising products are essential when spending time in the sun. Summer’s weather is a nightmare for coloured hair – ashy blondes become yellow and brunettes and reds become duller. Speak to our stylists at Martin Crean at MODE about the best ways to rejuvenate your hair’s colour.

Schwarzkobf repair and rescue hair products

Schwarzkopf’s BC Repair Rescue range is a godsend for damaged hair, it can improve your hair’s replenishment and resilience by 100% and prevent hair breakage by 95%. These results are thanks to the products’ highest concentration of breakthrough proteolipids which help to restore your hair’s protective layer. The Amino Cell Rebuild reconstructs the assembly of your hair – making it more moisturised and improving its elasticity. The Cell Perfector Technology fills in the hair fibre’s structural gaps, making your hair shiny and strong.

Here at Martin Crean at MODE, we are so convinced that the BC Repair Rescue range will improve your post-Summer locks, that we are running an unmissable offer…

If you purchase the BC Repair Rescue shampoo and conditioner we will give you a third product of your choice, and will only charge a total of £25! The three products would normally retail for over £35 – there really is no excuse to not give your locks the TLC they will need right now!


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