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Martin Crean at MODE

Martin Crean’s 2018 Top Hair Trends

2017 has truly been one of the best!

Not only did Martin Crean at MODE celebrate its 10th anniversary, but we recently finalised plans for a huge salon transformation during the upcoming year!

Martin Crean at MODE is an award-winning hairdressing salon in the Cotswolds, bringing a slice of London luxury to this beautiful corner of the country.

But which hair trends can we expect to see in 2018? In this article Martin Crean explains the looks he is most excited about for the season ahead.



With celebrities such as Kendall Jenner dominating this season’s catwalks, it’s no surprise her signature ‘wet-look hair’ is rising in popularity.

This look is best achieved with smooth, straight hair tucked behind the ears and plenty of product to tame fly-aways. Sleek, polished and incredibly sophisticated.


Sharp Ends

Razor-sharp ends add an edge to straight hair with little need for maintenance.

For wavier locks, a flawless finish is important during styling. If this involves straightening, heat protecting products should always be used to keep hair strong and healthy.


Brushed-out Curls

2017 saw curly hair getting the recognition it deserves, with women and men everywhere embracing their natural textures and ringlets.

Brushing out curls is a great way to add volume and achieve that ‘undone’ look – just make sure you choose the correct anti-frizz products!


Metallic Tones

Silver hair is not being left in 2017 – and for good reason!

Keeping your hair in optimum condition is ESSENTIAL to avoid breakage and dull shades. Speak to the experts at Martin Crean at MODE about the best ways to keep hair healthy during lightening processes.


Soft Fringes

Pulled straight out of the 70s, a feathered fringe is a light and soft way to frame the face without the high-maintenance of full-on bangs.

This trend is perfect for curly hair; shape the fringe shorter in the centre and subtly lengthier on the sides to blend into long layers. Curtain or fringes work best with straight hair, an effortless way to add some edge to thinner locks.


Muted/ Faded Tones

2017’s pastel colours are being swapped for muted blushes and peach tones. Faded shades require less maintenance and can look super chic with grown out roots – your prayers have been answered!


70s Ponytail

Another style plucked out of the 1970s – the low ponytail. Accessorise with ribbons or scrunchies for a casual, ‘thrown together’ look. Mix it up with a low-bun if you’re experiencing a bad hair day!



The Martin Crean at MODE team would like to take this opportunity to thank each of our fabulous clients for their continued support throughout 2017.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year!


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