Toning down Blondes for Autumn

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Toning down Blondes for Autumn

Toning down Blondes for Autumn

Every September you can expect to see hair salons full of blondes hoping to tone down their bleached locks, ready for Autumn.

As the darker evenings roll in it’s understandable why many people want a more natural-looking hair colour, but how should you go about darkening your locks? What is the best way to get rid of roots, tone your blondes down whilst avoiding dullness?

Keep reading for everything you need to know about toning down blondes for Autumn…

Give your hair a break

We know we keep going on about it, but Summer can really damage your hair.

Chlorine, salt water and sun exposure can leave your locks feeling dry and brittle. If you’re currently looking at your split ends feeling like this sounds a bit too familiar, the worst thing you could do is bleach your hair further.

By transitioning from platinum to darker shades you will keep your colour looking fresh and sleek, but whilst avoiding further processing and therefore further damage.


Not only will the initial colour-change be less damaging, by darkening your hair you will reduce the need for constant root-maintenance. Give your hair a break this autumn, you will thank us when your hair is in tip-top condition come next Summer!

Keep your hairdresser in the loop

At your ‘toning down’ appointment make sure you make it VERY clear to your hairdresser that you don’t want to eliminate ALL of your blonde.

A hairdresser could read ‘toning down’ as you wanting to transition from blonde to brunette, which is fine, if that’s what you are hoping to achieve. However, there is nothing more awkward than the moment the foils come off and you both realise something was lost in translation…

Use terms such as ‘caramel tones’, ‘honey shades’ and ‘bronde’ to keep your hairdresser in the blonde loop!

A gradual ombré is the best ombré

To achieve a natural ombré the colour must be done in moderation – there’s nothing worse than the ‘dip-dye gone horribly wrong’ look.

This may mean that more than one appointment is necessary, but don’t worry it will be worth it!

Flatter your autumnal skin tone

For obvious reasons this section is not applicable for everyone, but if you’re fair skinned keep reading!

We cannot stress enough that blonder hair does NOT always make you seem more tanned, it can in fact, do the complete opposite and wash you out. Warm ‘bronde’ tones and caramel shades flatter fairer skin, giving your whole look a healthy glow.


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