Top Hair Conditioning Tips For Spring!

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Top Hair Conditioning Tips For Spring!

Winter is coming to an end so time to pack away your hats and think about showing off your hair again. The cold weather combined with indoor heat may have wreaked havoc on your hair and its condition. Winter is slowly fading, but your hair is still experiencing its effects. It’s true… breakage doesn’t just happen in summer…. Is your hair dull and lifeless? So what now? Well now is the time to undo the damage and sort out those locks in time for the wedding circuit and music festival marathon.

So to give you confidence in revealing your post winter hair, we’ve pulled together our top tips to get your hair back to tip top condition this spring!

Think about your shampooing regime; use a good quality, salon prescribed shampoo, combine this with a good conditioner and your hair will be sure to be bouncy, full of volume and not gasping for moisture! Ask one of our stylists about which products they recommend for your hair. If your hair is dry or damaged, a top tip would be not washing daily. This may keep it hydrated, thanks to its natural oils. If you think your hair is dry, look for “moisturizing,” “hydrating,”. These shampoo and conditioners are made with higher quantities of conditioning ingredients to coat strands, making them silky and strong.

Commit to weekly hair treatments such as masks and leave-in conditioners to trap oils at the scalp. If you struggling to control frizz, leave-in conditioners will help to make this more manageable.

Book into MODE now for a cut and blowdry and receive a complimentary Power Shot treatment. A good cut will revitalise you and your hair; or get ready for spring with a new style. Combined with our Schwarzkopf Power Shot your next appointment is sure to give your hair that extra boost needed to revitalise after the winter months. The shot intensively revitalizes and nourishes hair, restores your hairs youthful appearance. Importantly, it revitalizes the hair and counteracts the effects of cold weather, visibly strengthening and rebuilding it.

Cut down on heat-heavy styling – this will dry out your hair. If it is part of your daily routine perhaps invest in an oil or serum for the ends of your hair and make sure you have a strict heat protection routine in order to keep your hair follicles protected. And remember our mantra; condition, condition, CONDITION! That extra few seconds of care will work wonders on your hair.

As long as you manage to make some of these tips part of your hair routine, you’ll be well on the way to healthier, stronger hair!

Book an appointment on a Wednesday quoting reference POWERSHOT18 and receive a complimentary ‘Power Shot’ treatment!

Valid until 28 March 2018


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