Wedding Hair: Tips Every Bride Should Know

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Wedding Hair: Tips Every Bride Should Know

Wedding Hair: Tips Every Bride Should Know

Congratulations on your big day! No doubt you have already have a scrap book or Pinterest boards filled with wedding dresses, hair styles, flowers, colours and décor themes. It’s an exciting moment that should be cherished forever. Let’s turn those beautiful ideas in reality.

‘Yes’ to the dress, an difficult decision but, in most cases, deciding on a wedding hair style can be harder. Let’s be honest, your wedding is NOT the day you want your hair to have a mind of its own.
So avoid a wedding bad hair day and ensure a stress-free occasion with these tips and tricks for stunning wedding hair styles.

Bridesmaid, mother of the bride or groom, or even a wedding guest? Keep reading!

1. What is the right wedding hairstyle?

The list for wedding hair options is endless! Up-dos, loose flowing soft waves, or maybe a half-up braided hairstyle?

Before you decide, take a moment to consider the following:
The Dress
Your wedding hair should not compete with your dress; it should be complementary. If your dress is modest, bring on the more dramatic hairstyle. If your dress is a “princess” ball gown full of sparkle, consider a subtle yet sophisticated up-do. Going backless? A side pony or braid style would be perfect.
The Weather
We all know weather plays a huge part in any wedding, especially choosing a wedding hair style. If the wedding is hosted indoors or during cooler seasons, opt for elegant cascading curls or any hairstyle of your choosing. However, if it’s going to be hot and humid, most definitely select a collective hairstyle such as an up-do, where there is no fear of frizz or loose tresses sticking to you – yuck!
Length and Volume
It’s very easy all fall in love with a hairstyle online, only to discover that your hair isn’t long or thick enough to work. Have a few backups, like hairstyles that are for shorter hair and thinner hair. Tip: Can’t give up that one hairstyle? Luckily, you can wear hair extensions to bring that perfect wedding hairstyle to life.

2. Perform a trial run

After choosing a wedding hairstyle, it’s VERY IMPORTANT to do a trial run with your professional hair stylist – if you can a senior stylist. It’s only when creating the style in real time do the little “glitches” pop up. Will your hair hold the style all day? Is there enough hair to create a voluminous hairstyle and match the photo you have seen? Do you ACTUALLY look good with this hair style? It’s always better to find these little surprises early on instead of freaking out the week – or dare we say, day – before the wedding!

Tip: Bring a photograph for your hair stylist. Providing visuals of exactly what you want will aid in avoiding miscommunication and misunderstanding of your perfect wedding hairstyle. After all, everyone has different opinions of the perfect up-do or soft wave. This is where you can go crazy with those Pinterest boards you have been fearlessly creating!

3. Professional vs. DIY

It’s completely up to you! However, if the only up-do you know is a ponytail in a scrunchy, then maybe you should opt for a professional hairstylist. But, if you have a knack for unique hair creations, with a few practice lesion with online tutorials, you will pull off the most stunning hairstyles all by your lonesome – bonus, it’s a money saver!
With that being said, remember that it is not necessary to have an extravagant hairstyle for your wedding day. It’s shocking to see how much professional hairstylists will charge for the simplest up-do. Half up-dos and soft curls are very easy and classy. Here is a little secret….even the most intricate-looking hairstyles are actually super simple to recreate by yourself.

Going the DIY route? Practice, practice, practice! Get accustomed to your wedding hairstyle before your big day. Tip: Wear the hairstyle for an entire day so that you can test how it holds up against movement, and hey throw in a couple dance moves too – witness that hairspray in action!

4. NO haircuts before the wedding.

Yes, hair grows back, but not in the ample time before your wedding day!
It’s most definitely a big “no no” right before the big day! Did you chop too soon? Don’t worry, hair extensions to the rescue! Make sure to plan ahead and trim your locks a few months before you wedding for healthy and shiny looking hair, and keep those tresses nourished baby!

Remember, probably the most important tip of all, your wedding is YOUR day. You get to decide what makes you feel beautiful, confident and happy. If that means a simple hairdo, awesome! No matter what wedding hairstyle you choose, you will be the most beautiful bride in the world.

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